Saturday, May 1, 2010

is it conceited to say i won, again?

twice in the same day that is.

this top picture is"the big mango", located in queensland, australia. we were supposed to guess the what and where. cambridge lady wondered how i got the where before the what. it's a trade secret.

the second one she gave extra clues to, namely that it was taken in oregon when she lived there and it appeared in a famous movie. i was thinking "the shining" all the way and a lady named denise confirmed it, and that the peak in the background was mt. hood, so i just had to come up with timberline lodge.

as a side note that i only find interesting, my first enlistment was for military intelligence, an oxymoron i know, but when the green machine voided that contract, i joined the military police instead. paths not taken are okay too, cause if i had done the MI thing, i probably would never have met my wife and had our kids.


  1. Is it conceited to say those are very attractive awards and they just look so great on your blog? ;o)

    Thanks for the link back and well done!

  2. I never knew you enlisted for MI....would you believe I originally enlisted for ADA? Yup. I took a 3-year enlistment as a 16S MANPADS crewman (ie: Stinger Missile Gunner) with an airborne option. When I renegotiated to be an MP I had to add a fourth year and lost my jump school slot.

  3. think of all the fun you missed out on. panama and desert storm, complete with the shots that made all the guys so sick. sometimes the road not taken was the right one.


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