Friday, April 30, 2010

who knew irony and bullshit smelled alike?

what an interesting week it has been to all of us old, bitter, white racists. out of essentially no where, the land of mccain signs into law a measure that would allow regular police to detain illegal aliens in their state, who have been lawfully stopped, and potentially see them deported.

no problem right? they are cops sworn to uphold federal, state, and local laws right? wrong, you racist fucks!! everyone knows it's just a ploy to racially profile.

it took the liberal machine exactly 2.6 nanoseconds to wig the fuck out. jesse's on tv, al is promising freedom marchers, joy behar, (and others) are comparing arizona to the liberal tried and true example, nazi germany. the great unifier, barrack HUSSEIN obama, weighed in, and in an effort to make local police more popular, said people could be singled out for harassment, while taking their kids to get ice cream, (based on the color of their skin.) now fucktards are crawling out from under their rocks calling for a boycott of arizona. where were these same people when we wanted to boycott france? munching on brie while wearing berets and birkenstocks, i bet.

in perhaps one of the best interviews/question and answer sessions, former arizona governor and current DMFIC of homeland security, janet napolitano told a congressional sub committee that, “I say this again as someone who has walked that border, I’ve ridden that border. I’ve flown it. I’ve driven it. I know that border I think as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been.”

really? well jan it might be time to remove your head from your second point of contact and look about. it's shocking what one can discover when the blinders are removed.

arizona cattle rancher rob krentz was shot and killed on his property along the border in march, most probably by an illegal.

arizona is second to mexico city, for the most yearly kidnappings, in the world. most of these are illegals extorting money from other illegals.

in the last 3 years, 990,000 illegals have been arrested in arizona, the state janet napolitano was governor and A.G. of, and has upwards of 450,000 illegals currently living there.

how 'bout this story out of texas? ( for those of you unfamiliar with or rusty on your threat aircraft identification, that is an MI8/17 HIP helo, in use by the mexican marines.) or the multitude of other stories about illegals who commit crimes here then flee back across the border. like israel mireles who killed emily sander and was only returned to kansas to face trial, after they agreed not to seek the death penalty.

tonight brings news of a deputy shot by an illegal who was running weed into the states. this incident was also in arizona, and the drug trafficker was armed with an AK or some variant. hillary will probably say the guy bought it at a gun show here in the US.

the list goes on with stories of illegals killing while drunk driving, raping, robbing, etc. this isn't to say that AMERICANS don't commit these same crimes, but no one is agitating to keep those dudes here, or staging protests to convey more civil rights rights on them.

in an effort to down play the seriousness of the situation, the media makes fun of it. on the tonight show jay leno yucked it up over a police chase which resulted in the van being chased, hitting a car and overturning. about 15 illegals jumped out and took off running. the driver of the car struck jumped out and tried to stop the van's driver, but due to poor conditioning, injury, or just being overwhelmed by the situation, quickly stopped. or maybe they were concerned about their safety or any passengers they had in their car.

hey jan, if you ever do pull your head out, get a decent haircut, okay? and try to secure us against the blatant incursion on the southern border. it's not funny, and people have every right to be scared.

i can't wait to see how the assholes at the southern poverty law center will bastardize the new arizona law, and pick it apart.

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