Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it's no coincidence, part 1

i don't believe things just happen. there is a reason behind everything. a series of events which come together to create an incident. some of the events can be accidental, the result of carelessness or laziness, but i think most can be attributed to planning. once a plan is in place it can be altered, due to unforeseen events arising, but slight adjustments occur, and the plan remains in effect.

the army even has a "rule" for this called the 6 P's; Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

i think we, the conservative movement, have interrupted the lefts plans, and we are now seeing another military style acronym at work, before our very eyes. this would be the OODA LOOP; Observe Orient Decide Act.

the basic tenant of this is; see the problem, analyze the problem, plan to correct the problem, and take that action. the military believes that if you can get inside an opponents OODA LOOP, you can disrupt his planning/operation cycle, thus defeating him. i understand this is used in the business world also, under different names.

we, the conservatives of the the TEA PARTY, have stepped into the lefts OODA LOOP, and raised holy hell with their plans. health care reform was supposed to be passed last august. due to our opposition, it dragged out until the end of march. it was a tooth and nail fight that only succeeded because of bribes being paid to nebraska, louisianna and michigan.

obama, pelosi and reid can't tolerate anymore vocal, demonstrative dissent. they don't have the time. november mid-term elections are 7 months away, and WE don't have the money.

this brings us up to speed on current events, and the "resurgence" according to the media, of the extremist/patriot/militia movement. that would be all of Y- O- U.

for the last 6 months, i have begged copies of the southern poverty law centers info mag the intelligence report. this is a left wing organ i first became acquainted with years ago, during the clinton administration. the basic story line is something along the lines of 'evil white inbred fuck kills, maims, or otherwise terrorizes blacks', with an occasional hispanic or jew, (their descriptor), thrown in. most of the guys they write about belong to the klan, or are skinheads. here, i want to say that if people belonging to these groups commit bias or any other crimes, i have no problem seeing them get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

they also were strong opponents of the militia movement that cropped up during the clinton years. SPLC has for at least the last six months began to beat that drum pretty hard again. the fall 2009 issue was titled the second wave- the return of the militias.

this picture graced the cover, and the image it is trying to impart is clear. here comes the shadowy, masked, violent white men, again. ok. but in taking the time to read the articles, one finds that they attack; neal boortz , the oath keepers organization, michele bachmann, glenn beck, alan keyes, jerome corsi, rick perry, and the list goes on. basically, anyone in the media or politics, who is not ardently left wing, gets pounded.

beck, brian kilmeade, tom tanncredo and pat buchanan get some reverse loving in the winter 2009 issue. to be fair, the magazine finally recognized the death of army hometown recruiter WILLIAM LONG, which occurred on 1 june 2009. LONG was gunned down by carlos bledsoe, an AMERICAN convert to islam. the short, (10 paragraph) story is very even, which is odd based on other writings in the publication. there is also a piece on the freak show that is cynthia mckinney. it basically praises mckinney for trying to get GWB, dick cheney, and condie rice impeached. it goes on to tout her record on international human rights and the peace movement/opposition to the first gulf war. the writer does hold her responsible for her anti- semitic statements, but to a lesser degree than her current associates.

the spring 2010 issue is entitled rage on the right, and it attacks --you. in an article called 'fear of fema', and another called 'rage on the right', SPLC's writers re-focus their attacks on beck, bachmann, the oath keepers and the AMERICAN public, because 61 percent of those polled think AMERICA is in decline, and only 25 percent feel the government can be trusted. tea parties are mentioned as "(being) shot through with rich veins radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism." they give no examples that i could find of racism, and i guess "radical ideas", means sticking to the principles the REPUBLIC was founded upon, namely the CONSTITUTION.

make no mistake, the attacks you are experiencing is push back for your resistance to health care seizure, i mean reform.

part 2 to be published soon.


  1. I guess they'll consider me a one-man militia cell. I wear an OD green patrol cap a lot, I own a large-caliber handgun, I'm white, and I'm conservative. Seditious, no?

  2. Like you, I've been aware of the SPCL since the Clinton era.

    I've been fascinated to see the escalated number of appearances by Mark Potok on MSNBC. I don't know how much he show up on CNN or if they ever interview him on the broadcast network evening newscasts (I quit watching them 10 or more years ago) but he's definitely a skilled propagandist.

  3. yeah, he has also been on or at least mentioned on o'reilly. it isn't by chance. keep the sharp eye out, part 2 is on the way.


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