Wednesday, April 14, 2010

and so it begins

after an 82 game grind, not including the olympics, tonight we usher in hockey's playoffs. the regular season only matters in your wins for positioning and home ice advantage throughout the second season. legends will be made, character will be tested, and 16 will become 8, reduced to 4, then 2, and in the end there will only be 1.

i have my favorite team i'll be cheering on, but i wonder how deep we can go this year.

if the boys from HOCKEYTOWN can't get it done, i hope this guy can.

but i wonder about the depth of the caps, as we saw what happened to russia during the olympics when ovie got shut down. and although i hate to admit it, these guys have arrived and are going to cause serious problems.

watch along as some fantastic hockey gets played, by the best athletes in the world.


  1. It's killing me. I don't so much like just one team; I like a lot of individual players and they play on a lot of teams, so it's hard for me to pick & choose in the playoff matchups. The Blackhawks have suffered long enough so I'm happy to see Toews and Kane working out so well for them. Jimmy Howard's a product of my alma mater so of course I'm happy to see the Wings in the mix, but I'm also happy for the Coyotes. That's gonna be a painful series for me. It's high time the Bluejackets saw some results. The Kings are finally seeing some payoff....I'm really not that into the Avs/Ducks/Sharks, and I give a rat's ass less about the Flyers, the Rangers, or the Pens. I'm hoping for the best for the long-suffering Bruins, but I gotta stay with my Caps. Go Caps!!!

  2. Hey, hey, Hockeytown!!! Go Wings!! If not the Wings, ANYONE but Cindy and the Pens!!


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