Thursday, April 1, 2010

why it's okay to look for oil now

ok, so this probably won't conform to all of your musical tastes, but listen to it anyway. it will all make sense in the end, more or less.

this is the old punk band BOUNCING SOULS from new jersey, and i'll bet they never thought one of their tunes would show up on a conservative blog.

THE CONSERVATIVE LADY ,(who for whatever reason i am having trouble linking to) recently opined that she feels the lincoln of our times decision to allow off shore oil exploration to begin off virginia, is merely a ploy to shove through CAP&TAX. could be and i don't disagree, but i think this announcement serves another purpose, too.

just like the Souls are singing about, we have become anesthetized to what is occurring in our communities and country. don't let societies ills touch me, give me a sense of freedom, and i'll be the dutiful drone. head off to work, pay the taxes, no matter how high, and not criticize the workings of the government. do what you will, as long as i have instant self gratification.

obie saying it's ok to explore, not drill, for oil now is sleight of hand. a 'see, i'm not a bad guy' moment. he knows we are pissed about the health care law being stuffed up our ass, sees the TEA PARTIES winding up still more opposition, and is looking for a way to placate us.

whatever the purpose, i too think it is a ruse, and we need to be ready to oppose the administration, legally, on whatever they try to force through next.

well, i think the libs are waking up to the fact we are not just going to lay down and take it any longer. and they're scared. don't be afraid to exercise your rights to assemble and speak your mind, no matter how the media portrays you, and never let anyone tell you that you're free- live free.

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