Tuesday, April 27, 2010

two weeks, 4 wins and the next opponent

so the wings finally play a complete game, and move on to the second round, after beating phoenix tonight. turn out the lights, the white out is over, the coyotes shit the bed, losing 6-1 at home.

in all fairness to the 'yotes, they gave the boys from hockeytown all they could want. in the end, they didn't turn dirty either, as many teams do, and were rightfully saluted by their fans. they had a very nice regular season, and great 7 game series, against the reigning western champs, and i'm certain this isn't the last we have heard from the dogs from the desert.

great job by coach tippet and the rest of the team, see you again next year. now it's on to san jose and those pesky sharks.


  1. I stopped following hockey as much since the lockout a few years back, because when they came back my Avalanche had grown older and essentially been dismantled.

    However, my number two team since the 90's has been the Coyotes - plus now they're my local team - and I was glad to see them take the Wings to seven. Good series overall.

  2. yeah, they did do a good job, i mean that sincerely. they need another scorer, and we can see, without looking too hard, how important a healthy shane doan is to the team.

  3. Well then. I just pop over to say howdy, and I run into another Red Wings Fan.

    My Wifal Unit is a Die Harder from the outskirts of Detroit.

    As a side note, looks kinda like we think a lot alike.
    Semper Fi, and thanks for stoppin' by.....


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