Friday, February 1, 2013

only the best tuna gets to be starkissed, or, once you get past the smell, you've got her licked

sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, as evidenced by this not so tasty tidbit from brazil.

SAO DE JOSE RIO PRETO, Brazil — A man is accusing his wife of trying to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and convincing him to perform oral sex with her.
The man, 43, became suspicious when he noticed a strange odor coming from his wife’s genitals, according to Portuguese news outlet tvi24.
When he took her to the hospital, she confessed to the plan, and doctors found enough poison in her body to kill them both.
She plotted to kill her husband when he refused to divorce her, according to the Huffington Post UK. She was treated and released from the hospital.
Officer Walter Colacino Junior has ordered further investigation of the case before any legal action is taken.

i wouldn't want to be on officer walter jr.'s shit list, that further investigation assignment sounds like it's for the birds, or flies.


  1. Thanks for sending coffee up my nose! If it smells suspect, it IS suspect.

  2. at least it was only coffee and not zyclon b.


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