Thursday, February 14, 2013

the chicago typewriter and why gun control laws don't work

 this is how you send a message people actually respond to. M1928A1 thompson sub machine gun.

on this day in 1929, 7 chicago mobsters were gunned down in a garage on the windy city's north side by men associated with al capone and detroit's purle gang.  an outgrowth of the st. valentine's day massacre was the national Firearms Act of 1934, signed into law by socialist franklin roosevelt.  up until that time, average citizens could own fully automatic true sub machine guns for the low, low,  low price of $175-$225.  if  you wanted one after the law was enacted, you had to pay a $200 tax for it's registry, unless you were a felon or other prohibited person, in which case the supreme court said you did not have to comply with the law, as it would violate your 5th amendment right.

now in 1992,  chicago banned "assault weapons" altogether.  that being said, chicago experienced 8,239 homicides of all varieties from 1990 to 1999 and 5,352 from 2000 to 2009.  if this rate of reduction continues, chicago may see no homicides by 2025.  or not.  from 2010 thru 2012 the "safest city" on the third largest great lake recorded 1,377 homicides.  nice work gun grabbers.

chew on that while you contemplate the next story.  walter unbehaun robbed a chicago area bank last week of a little over $4000 WITH A GUN, after being convicted in 2000 for a separate bank robbery in 1998.   if walt was actually made to serve his entire 188 month sentence, this robbery would never have taken place.  and that ladies is how crime is truly reduced.  by keeping known offenders in the klink for their entire jolt.
ask yourself just how it is even possible that walt got a smoke wagon, with the background check mr. obama touts.


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