Tuesday, June 17, 2014

another win for the gun control crowd

gee, for about 15 minutes the MSM was all jazzed over another 50 or so kenyans getting iced at the hands of somali  ISLAMIC terrorists.  poor dudes had been sitting around swatting flies, watching world cup soccer, when al shabab terrorists rolled into the kenyan town of mpeketoni, went door to door questioning residents as to their religious beliefs, and killed men who were not muslim,  in front of their families and other town folk.

i've seen pictures like this before.

now these guys had real assault rifles, which they didn't mind using.  so i got to thinking, how come no one fought back?

so i looked up kenyan gun laws at gun policy.org. whose declared mission seems to be acting as a clearing house for researchers looking into verified stats on gun violence  prevention.  i assume that kenya gets very high marks because in kenya;  1)you have to prove a reason why you need to own a firearm, such as self defense,  (too late for the guy above).  2) the right to own a gun is not guaranteed by law. 3) private possession of semi automatic "assault weapons" is prohibited and  possession of pistols and revolvers is restricted to licenses holders.  4) you can only own the "weapons" on that government issued license and the amount of ammunition specified on your licenses.  5)  and finally, you can not carry a firearm in public, either  concealed or unconcealed.

GOD DAMN, no wonder these guys are all dead, chuck schumer and michael bloomberg apparently wrote their laws.

remember this the next time some asshole democrat gets in front of a camera and starts talking about "common sense gun control measures".


i know, you are not supposed to use a word to define itself, so save the comments about asshole democrats, i'm already there.  additionally, i'm totally comfortable posting the last picture, from the westland mall atrocity,  as the al shabab terroists responsible for both attacks told news outlets that they used "a meticulous vetting process ... to separate the Muslims from the Kuffar".

i know, it's our fault, again. we really must try harder to

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  1. Co Exist my ass. They're a pack of 7th century savages that the Left just adores.


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