Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the militarization of police

from what i can tell, it's been this way for a while.

i've seen much recently about how our local cops (nationwide), are too heavily armed, and a threat to all of our safety. how they are getting ready to kick in everyone's  front door, and seize our soup and nuts, guns and water, and throw us into fema concentration camps.

time to settle the fuck down AMERICA, and realize the cops are you, or your neighbor, your kids little league coach, whatever, and feels the same anger at the feds that you do.

many seem to think this is how the cops are doing their job day in and day out, for EVERYTHING. car accidents? SWAT call out. burglary report? send TAC and the armored car. dog menacing the neighbors kids? get a sniper, STAT.

looks like dave threw the snow from the sidewalk back into the street, he's truly fucked now.

pay attention to history, and you will find that AMERICAN police have generally been out gunned by the CRIMINAL element in this country.  bootleggers in the 20's had thompson sub machine guns and sem-auto pistols, while the cop on the beat carried a revolver, and maybe had access to a shotgun.  recent history shows what happens when cops show up to take over style bank robberies, armed only with a hand gun and shotgun.

remember these assholes? they robbed a bank of America in hollywood in 1997, shooting 11 cops and 7 civilians. they were armed with a fully auto, illegally modified ak, an ar15 variant, and an hk91. cops started out with their sidearms and shotguns, until they requisitioned some ar's from local gun stores. a SWAT team also made the scene and killed 1 of the suspects, the other chose the cowards way out.
how 'bout these two boy scouts? they killed 11 and wounded 21 others, armed with cheap, but effective, shotguns and a carbine and 99 bombs. initial cop on scene had a handgun.  responding officers had the same type of arms and had to wait for swat to arrive and assemble, giving these 2, overcome with teenage angst, time to do much of their killing.
how about these two misunderstood youths, looking for a brighter future here in the states, they spark any memories? they just used their cooking utensils, in an unapproved manner, killing 3 and wounding 264, then killed a cop and wounded 16 more officers who were trying to end their reign of terror.  the outcry from this incident REALLY chaps my ass. guys are out looking for dedicated terrorists and in serious jeopardy, and all many still have to do is complain, about a "police state" because citizens were asked to stay in, out of the line of fire.

many of the complaints center around uniforms, modes of transportation and armament. the above photo doesn't seem to illicit much of a response, nor do these, unless you hate cops.

but man, these sure get folks hot under the collar;
riot breaks out, well send the police, but lets not give them ANY tools to keep them from getting their heads split by thrown rocks or bottles. a man gets fired then returns to his former place of employment, kills a supervisor and then takes hostages at rifle point. let's just send in 2 traffic officers and a burglray
detective armed with their 9mm pistols to ferret him out of the 7,500 square foot warehouse.  that seems to be the attitude of many of law enforcements critics.

now i'm going to guess that if some serious shit breaks out near you, you will pray the cops roll in heavy.

i'm not talking about this, but rather what happens next.

oh, i know, this would never happen to you, MR. FUCK THE POLICE, cuz your street smart and tough, plus you carry.  sometimes.  just not at work.  cuz you'll get fired.  i don't agree with that, but i'm not your boss.  and i also know the cops abandoned south central at the beginning of the riots, so don't waste my time bringing it up.

all this bring us up to speed on current events, which i will discuss in part 2 of this post.

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