Thursday, August 20, 2009

news from your radio

my job includes a lot of driving. to cut through the top 40 drivel, i have satellite radio. this does not keep me from listening to talk radio however. yeah, i like rush and mark levin, and as a consequence i get the news 2 to 3 times an hour. with school back in session, the local station has been playing interviews with some state health bureaucrat. the topic has been...............playground safety. one of the spots had her stating that we need to be extra vigilant during recess, as falls account for more than like 75% of playground injuries. she went on to say that the injuries include the standard skinned knees and elbows, to broken bones and knocked out teeth, to spinal injuries and paralysis. another spot had her saying to remove all drawstrings from hoodies to help avoid the #1 cause of playground fatalities....strangulation!!!!

GOD DAMN!! WTF is going on at school these days?? in twelve years of public schooling i saw 2 incidents of broken arms, one of which happened during a wrestling match. i'm in my 40's and have never heard of an accidental playground strangulation. i'm not saying this is a bad idea, i just wonder how many kids are getting iced on the merry-go-round year in and year out.

i believe the government needs to rethink its priorities, stop worrying about health care reform and work on prevention. 5 day waiting period on slides and see-saws. jump rope and monkey bar free school zones. it all started with that insidious dodge ball game, which liberals were never good at.

i can see it now. muffin, here is your backpack,germ-ex, and home work. now put on your bubble wrap suit... i know its hot dear, but the school says you have to wear it. no suit, no indoctrination. yes i'm sure whatever they are serving in the cafeteria is good for you.


  1. When the hell did little Johnny ever hang himself from the monkey bars? They may as well just issue kids helmets too.

    They'd be better off issuing waterproof chest-waders and bullshit repellent for when the dookie gets deep at the indoctrination centers.

  2. Liberals and wonder it was called it "Smear the Queer" many many moons ago.

    Last year, my autistic son got into a fight in school after some snarky little shit suckerpunched him (In the words of the asst. principal: "Noah laid him out." That's my boy!). My son's punishment? 5-day out-of-school suspension and charges filed at the magistrate. The instigator got the same punishment. I explained to the AP that I will NEVER discourage my son from defending himself, but if I ever find out Noah starts it...his ass is grass. It's totally upside down in logic the way the schools are being run.

    The magistrate said that in school "self-defense" is never an argument because there's always an adult around to tell. Yeah...nothing stops someone from beating the shit out of you like "I'm telling!"

    They really should be honest in their promotion of their curricula. No longer should we hear "Quality education", but we SHOULD be hearing "Quality RE-education."

  3. it's all part of the liberal agenda of wanting us to believe the government (school) will take care of us from the cradle to the grave. which adults were the people on the shanksville plane, flight 93, suppose to tell?

  4. Hey j!!! Those brave soldiers enlisted in mid-flight and did the right thing. True heroes. The schools today are more worried about feelings than facts. Crying shame.

  5. hey b&g i got to thinking, is that how state law actually reads, "self defense is never an argument as there is always an adult around to tell"? i bet not and i would ask this magistrate to show that in writing if it were my kid. sounds to me like they are railroading your son. i believe they are doing you an extreme disservice. i hope you can get this resolved in your favor.

  6. j: It was resolved. 20 hrs. community service and no record or fine. The shame of it all is that the D.A. signed off on the charges. We're actually thinking of sending him to a small Christian school in our area. He might fare better there.


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