Monday, August 24, 2009

your life, their choice

' your life, your choice' is the name of a pamphlet cooked up and distributed by the veterans administration beginning in 1997, under then philanderer-in-chief bill clinton. it advises or asks veterans to take stock of their personal situation and make decisions on the value of their continued existence. evil bush outlawed it and the wonderful lincoln of our times has resurrected it. i guess mrs. palin was telling the truth about death panels.

it's ironic how every time the republicans tried to do anything to improve medicaid, medicare or social security, oldsters were told how they would be forced to choose between prescriptions or eating dog food. the mother in law actually cried when we helped sign her up for the medicare prescription plan. the quote was, ' bush is trying to kill me!!' . asked recently if she was saving any money the reply was a weak 'yes.' i have yet to see her eat any mighty dog.

a few years ago my dad had a portion of his foot amputated because he refused to follow doctors orders in regards to caring for his diabetes. he spent a little over 70 days in a rehab hospital. after 30 days medicare refused to pay the entire bill for his continued stay. his portion would have been about $135/day or $5400 for the rest of the time he was there. the good news is after retirement, he kept his insurance. the $5400 was only the cost of the bed and vittles and does not include the cost of medicine or medical appliances (wound pump). dad told me his total out of pocket cost for that stay was................about $125.

now, we have a president telling us we need government health care reform. seems like pop's evil insurance company did ok by him, and the mother in law? she recently overcame lung cancer through medicare funded treatments, as she continued to smoke. can't see too much in need of fixin' here, except a couple of folks be more responsible for themselves.

uhhhh, them dems just hate going to these town halls and having to listen to you constituents. you bad brown shirt wearing, federal building blowing up, klan robe wearing, astro turf fucks. how dare you stand and ask questions of the people you elected and pay? guess the lincoln of our times, and his buddies, forgot what the original said about a government 'of the people, by the people, for the people.'

i also like how dems point to how great VA medical coverage is. today it was revealed that the government run VA sent out 1200 erroneous "you got ALS/ lou gehrig's disease', letters. sound like you want these jokers running your shit for you? i'll pass. where is the liberal media? they went bat shit when paint was peeling off the walls and W was in charge. our vets deserve THE BEST not an, 'it was a coding error', excuse. seems disingenuous for the media and liberal congressmen to have cried out over service member suicides during bush's term, but now to allow the reprinting and distribution of this pamphlet.

stay vigilant friends. don't be fooled by the medical cooperative talk. it's still the government and they can't even efficiently run cash for clunkers.

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  1. Excellent post, dude. And let's not actually TREAT the PTSD and other problems that cause the alarmingly high number of suicides amongst current troops and veterans both...but more rather let's encourage them to off themselves. Fucking brilliant plan.

    On another note though, there's an astonishingly high number of ALS cases in Gulf War 1 35 to 40 times the national average the last I knew....


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