Thursday, August 20, 2009

who am i? why am i here?

just something short to let you know the reason for my existence. my good buddy from the army, ski, aka. the lightning man, got me started on blogging. we were tight running buddies while assigned to ft. riley in the early 90's. not to get all dennis hopper photographer-esque on ya, but the guy is a freakin' genius, man. he can think up responses quicker on his feet, to most topics, faster than anyone i know. we are so similar it seems like we are twins, and i consider him a brother. go visit him at; GLOBAL DOMINATION THROUGH APPLIED INACTIVITY.


  1. Who, me? Thanks for the props, man. The shit-up thing is, though, with you blogging on your own, I have no more Guest Blogger Jim to rely on when I have writer's block.

    Thank God the wife is watching a crappy old movie and letting me write...should prove to be a fruitful night as I type away madly and listen to a live Depeche Mode concert bootleg from 1994.

  2. Jim: Thanks for your service to this country. You've got a great mentor in Lightning Man! Best of luck!!


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