Wednesday, August 26, 2009

semper infidelis

from the halls of saul alinsky, to the shores of mecca's vineyard
we constrain our country's potential, thru bad science and legislatively,
first to criticize our service members efforts, never had honor to keep clean,
we are proud to hold the title of the democrat par-tee...

semper infidelis, i can't think of a better way to describe the modern liberal.
always unfaithful. here are just some of the examples that come to mind, feel free to jot down any you think of;

ENERGY and the ENVIRONMENT; the lincoln of our times campaigned on and continues to espouse the virtues of renewable energy and cutting our dependence on foreign oil.
this week it was revealed that the US is going to give 2 billion dollars to brazil and a company george soros owns 22% of, for oil exploration and production. all at a time when we can't explore or drill right here at home and we are saddling ourselves with cap and trade.

THE WAR ON TERROR, er, GLOBAL CONTINGENCY PLAN: after both b. hussein and AG eric holder said they had no intention to investigate or prosecute CIA personnel regarding interrogation techniques, it was announced this week that the justice department is planning on naming a special prosecutor to begin investigating "torture" against terrorist detainees.

HEALTH CARE; during the week that ted kennedy dies, after fighting with all the money and power that the kennedy name and fame carries, we find out that obama has authorized the reprinting of "your life, you choice,' a VA pamphlet which nudges disabled veterans toward giving up on life. this while the democrats deny there will be any 'death panels' under the public (government) option they are pushing. that's if you're from one of the politically connected families i guess.

SOCIAL SECURITY; no increase for the next 2 years grandma in your social security check. wonder if congress will vote to not give themselves raises during this time, or better yet, a pay cut. but it was always the republicans who would have you eating dog food.

THE DEFICIT; the government is just now telling us that the deficit is projected to increase to 9 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next ten years. this is due to the government bailout of the UAW aka GM and CHRYSLER, the banks, government run FANNIE and FREDDIE, et al. barrack and friends have quadrupled the national deficit in just 8 short months.

ME and YOU; how about the total contempt shown by members of congress to the american public at town hall meetings? we're nazis, brown shirts, klan members, crazed homicidal bombers and in general an unruly mob. they are shocked and dismayed at the anger and hostility they are encountering at the town halls. this despite all that i have pointed out and more.

anybody think the government has not broke ranks with us? anyone think congress still remembers it's a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

this post in NO WAY was intended to demean the character or dedication of the men and women, past or present, of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. it is in part, through their vigilance and sacrifice over the last 233 years, in war and peace, that liberty's light has continued to shine, and freedom's bell continues to ring. carry on devil dogs!!!


  1. And lest we forget that while Nan ain't getting any more social insecurity findage, her Medicare premiums will be going up, which means her checks for SS are gonna be SMALLER....

  2. Excellent job of pointing out hypocrisy in our government.

    I heard a caller to a show today (Rush or Glenn) speak of the disconnect in DC, and how so many pols simply don't remember or understand what it's like to be - as you put it - "Me and You." It's disgraceful the contempt good people have received from our supposed leadership, who need to remember they are employees.

    Welcome to the blogosphere.. I'll throw you a link on mine...


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